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You know your business. But having the time and resources to effectively market it can be a challenge. That’s where Hoover’s Concierge comes in. Our experts can serve as an extension of your marketing team, helping you find—and reach—your best customers.

Targeted list building

Your Hoover’s Concierge data experts can help identify your most profitable customers, and find new prospects like them. This level of segmentation helps you ensure your marketing is focused on your very best prospects.

Put the world’s biggest business database to work for you. Our actionable B2B marketing data is continually scored and updated to help make sure you reach the best customers for your business.

Taking advantage of online behavior, our new intent-based targeting will focus on finding those prospects who have demonstrated an interest in your products and services. With intent-based targeting you can identify companies that have shown a strong- and recent- interest in topics related to your products and services based on internet search signals. Build a targeted list of prospects that look like your best customers, suppress existing customers, and open sales opportunities from the targeted list.

Effective email marketing

You can count on Hoover’s Concierge to help make email marketing work for you. Done well, email marketing can be a highly profitable lead generation tool. From messaging, design, and subject lines to email coding, blasting, and testing, our experts can help.

Optimized customer data

Your customer marketing initiatives are only as good as your customer data. Your Hoover’s Concierge team can help optimize your efforts by cleansing, standardizing, and enriching your customer data.

Marketing data decays at up to 3% a month if it’s not maintained.² We can help you make sure your contacts are up to date for email or sales initiatives (CRM integration is also available) so you can send the right message to the right person at the right time. Better contacts can lead to better results.

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