Integrate D&B Hoovers Data into My Sales and Marketing System

D&B Direct API Updates Your Sales and
Marketing Data Automatically

Unlock the Value of Your Data

Your marketing and sales automation is not as effective when your data feeds are manual or you’re having to pull information from multiple databases. Powered by Dun & Bradstreet’s network of company and industry databases, D&B Hoovers can help you form a single, complete view of customers and prospects automatically.

With automatic and ongoing data updates, you can help mitigate the risk associated with bad or missing data, and get more in-depth information on your customers and prospects.

With Integrated CRM and Marketing Automation Connectors, and Dozens of APIs and Data Services to Choose from, You'll Be Able to:

Seamlessly feed millions of business records into your existing marketing automation system, including Marketo, Eloqua, and many others
Keep customer data up-to-date automatically, to help build more accurate profiles and match them to your most likely prospects
Automatically append D&B® business credit scores, industry trends—even social media feeds—to your existing records for unprecedented insight
When was the last time you updated your contact list? With today’s workforce regularly changing job titles, good data can quickly become bad data. That’s why understanding the quality of your internal customer or prospect data can be critical to your success. Get your FREE Data HealthScan to see the health of your data and how many records are still valid. Learn More