Get Better Campaign Results

The Secret to Better Campaigns
Starts with Your Customer

Use Your Best Customers
to Find Your Best Leads

Whether you’re a sales and marketing novice, or an experienced marketer, sometimes your campaigns just don’t perform as well as expected. But there’s a secret you can use to help improve that performance: your best customers.

With D&B Hoovers sales and marketing tools, you can see what your best customers look like and find leads who look just like them. And, since sometimes the best data indicator is the one you don’t have, we can help give you a better understanding and a more complete picture of your customer by filling in information gaps within your existing customer base.

5 Steps to Improving Your ROI

Understand the quality of your data with a FREE Data HealthScan
Identify incomplete
records, duplicate records,
inaccurate phone numbers,
returned mailing addresses,
and bounced email addresses.
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Create a profile of your best customer — based on your improved, more accurate data — to help inform your marketing strategy, pinpoint customer cross-sell/upsell opportunities, and boost the performance of your campaigns. Show More
Add valuable new data to your existing customer and prospects lists, filling in vital information such as company address, phone, email, industry D&B D-U-N-S® Number, total employees, annual revenue, corporate linkage, and titles of decision makers, plus much more. Show More
Target new leads who fit the profile of your best customers using over 175 selection criteria and proprietary intent data. Show More
Get a new and improved list tailored to your specific targeting strategy. Show More
Using predictive response, conversion, and profitability models can help take your campaigns to the next level. Create these models today. Ask us how.