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Whether you’re looking to deliver a better web experience, maximize programmatic ad buys, or simply drive better conversion, Hoover’s makes it simpler to provide personalized online experiences and relevant content.

Deliver customer insight with help from Hoover’s, and reap the benefits of increased engagement at every step of your online marketing efforts.

Deliver Marketing that Works

Boost your website effectiveness. Show More
Boost your website effectiveness with real-time personalization driven by rich B2B insights about visitors to your site. Utilizing our industry leading database to identify and track visitors, Hoover’s can help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing and deliver personalized experiences based on location, industry, and over 50 additional data attributes. You can even tailor experiences based on previous visits and behavior to boost your relevancy and impact. Hide
Help improve the performance of your programmatic ad campaigns with better data. Show More
Help improve the performance of your programmatic ad campaigns with better data. Go beyond browsing patterns and click strings. Using our network of business sources, we gather deterministic data on over 70 million business contacts which we then align with more than 250 million cookies. By leveraging our learnings about these businesses, you can hone your targeting, boost the efficiency and relevancy of your digital campaigns, and help maximize the ROI of your spend. You’ll have visibility into industry size, revenue, spend propensity, risk ratings, title, job function, and more. Hide
Increase conversion rates with auto-fill form fields. Show More
Increase conversion rates with auto-fill form fields. Hoover’s lets you shorten and streamline your prospect forms without losing valuable insights. Our patented Entity Match technology uses just a few short fields to tie a lead to a complete company profile more than 90% of the time. This in turn helps you build accurate records, identify the right prospects, and increase conversion rates. The end result is easier to complete forms for your visitors, and more complete info for you to kick start your sales conversations. Hide

Keeping your prospects' data up to date can be critical to the success of your campaigns. You can easily integrate your existing data with Hoover's to automatically update your B2B database. Learn more

Let a Hoover’s Concierge manager help you:

  • Build highly targeted lead lists
  • Cleanse and improve your existing data
  • Identify and profile your ideal customers
  • Boost the performance of your sales and marketing campaigns
  • Create and deploy professional emails and more