D&B Hoovers

Accelerate Your Sales Now

D&B Hoovers Delivers Unrivaled Data,
Technology, and Intelligence

With the growing complexity of the B2B buying process, driven by the proliferation of new digital and offline channels, businesses are demanding more intelligent, data-driven solutions to help them realize a higher return on their sales and marketing investment.

That is why Dun & Bradstreet, has combined the largest commercial global database of over 265 million businesses worldwide with the powerful sales technology platform of Avention OneSource to provide businesses with the industry-leading Sales Acceleration solution.

D&B Hoovers provides real-time business intelligence, ecosystem connectivity, and an intuitive user interface to help customers generate more leads, accelerate the sales process, and close more deals.

Target More Strategically
Comprehensive intelligence on 265M+
companies, 100M+ contacts, and
1K+ industries
Enable Informed Conversations
Deliver intelligence and insight into the
tools where your sellers and marketers
work every day
Enhance Sales Productivity
Intuitive interface and automated workflow
features including triggers, alerts, smart lists, and conceptual search
  • Undefined Market Opportunity
  • Scattershot Calling and Emails
  • Fixed Prospect Lists
  • Basic Contact Information
  • Standalone Sales Tool
  • Done in Isolation
  • Transaction Focused
  • Resources Aligned to Clearly Defined Opportunity
  • Ideal Customer Profiling with Highly Targeted Campaigns
  • Targeted Prospects with Real-Time Buying Signals
  • Contextualized Buyer Profiles
  • Platform Integrated into CRM Systems
  • Integrated with Marketing
  • Relationship Focused